ULCC Airline

w/ low fares and simplicity at its core

Time Line

From the time initial capital is secured, setup, establishing of office, initial recruitment and time to AOC is estimated to 6 months.

From AOC is secured 3 months of marketing and ticket sales is required before first flight.  In parallel with recruitment and training of flight and ground crew, maintenance and a small  operations and customer support team.

Profitability within 3 years. Target load factor for profitability is 60%

IPO within 5 years, or after 2 years of regular profit.


Current status:

16/11-2019: Seeking investors for initial development capital.

There is a unique opportunity at the moment with Boeing unable to deliver planes  and Airbus overstretched in their order book. Where the main potential competitors are either severely delayed in their expansion plans and concentrating on other for them more prosperous markets, or financially overstretched and reducing capacity.  This could give the opportunity to gain initial momentum.