ULCC Airline

w/ low fares and simplicity at its core

Route Plan

Our initial plan per aircraft is based on 2 daily rotations from Dublin to a Northern European destination,† with an additional short hop rotation from that destination to a 3'rd airport. That is 4 legs per crew shift.

The initial target market is Scandinavia.

Routes from Dublin will be new routes to obtain related discounts and initial marketing support.

Growth will be to similar unserved destinations with an opportunity for secondary short flights.

Target airports can be primaries but peripher secondary's are also of interest if additional local market and good opportunities for additional flights.

Will also keep an eye out for airports with good own route connecting methods. So an incoming passenger can turn around and go on the same plane to the 3'rd destination.


Triangular routes will also be considered initially to widen the scope with few ac's.† Sample Dublin-Trondheim-BodÝ-Dublin and the same in reverse in the afternoon. Although all ticket sales will be for single legs, quick follow on journeys could be facilitated.


Will later keep an eye on routes which other airlines with growing pains and larger aircrafts have abandoned, for potential of low route startup costs to for us new destinations.