ULCC Airline

w/ low fares and simplicity at its core


What does “like Ryanair before it got bloated” entail:

- Strictly point to point flights

- Free/Open seating and minimal extras to avoid confusing and annoying customers

- Fast turnarounds and 4 sector days with no overnighting for crews

- Aggresive pricing to establish new routes

- Strict eye on costs

- Simple admin, reporting and ownership structures

- Strictly no code sharing

- All sales through own app

- Reinvesting profits in growth

Ryanair was a safer bet when the competitors tried to be it, rather than when it tried to be the Amazon of whatever, or an Airline group


No No’s:

- Charging for seats slows boarding and creates badwill among they who don’t want to pay extra and is given middle seats. And these are the passengers ulcc’s are after in the first place.

- Code sharing and multi leg ticket sales slows down turnaround times. Some airlines try to hide the creep with artificially increased scheduled flight times.