ULCC Airline

w/ low fares and simplicity at its core


The initial aircraft base will be in Dublin.

All aircrafts will be of the same make and model. The target plane is a leased 120-150 seat aircraft.  Maker and type to be determined.  Something similar to the Airbus A220

Initially used but as concept is proven and profits appear; new.

Initial fleet size 2, growing to 5 ac within 1 year.

20 ac within 3 years.


Unconventional aircrafts are of interest if the offer and incentives are good, approval can be obtained, and a perfect safety record can be maintained given the correct amount of maintenance. Incentives of interest includes  financing, training, spares, standbys and localization.

Aircrafts will be showing the company colors on tail, winglets (if any) and round the left side doors. The rest is available for paid advertising.

In time an own color-scheme will be implemented for the interiors. Also here advertising space will be available for rent.